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Tests in North Carolina
Silver Medallion Qualifier!

2014 JIB retired 1 WC short of a Gold medallion because PCA did not count the passes before the medallion program started
Poodle's were bred to Hunt! JIB has proven it's in the genes, not the size of the dog.
Cathi Winkles photo
Cathi Winkles photo
JIB is the only Miniature Poodle
to earn the WCX in the USA
at PCA competitions
Working Certificate Excellent from Poodle Club of America
7 WCX passes!

2014 AKC allows mini poodles in hunt tests when JIB is 13
Cathi Winkles photo
Versatility in Poodles
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Jibs 8th WC on Land (05/13/06)
Two JIB Stories: click title to read
The Mini Hauled Duck
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Poodle Nationals WCX on Land June '06
JIB is the first Miniature to earn the
Poodle Club of America
Silver Medallion for Hunt!
NAHRA 2003 Started test