Central Carolina Poodle Club October 2013 WC & WCX 2 day trial
judges Stacy Overcash and Rich Louter
photos by Robert Watson
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of NAHRA test 2003
When JIB was twelve I was curious about his ability to continue the Duck deal.  A test was set up for him, with an AKC judge and the required additional personel and equipment, as per PCA.  JIB performed a passing WC test and we all celebrated a lovely Fall day in Texas.  I thought that was it, the end.  Since he was never allowed in an AKC hunt test, there was little incentive to train or practice.  The PCA working Poodle medallion program was begun in 2004 and rejected any test passed prior.  JIB had already passed a NAHRA started test (click the box to the right to read that story) the equivalent of a WC, 7 PCA WC tests and 5 WCX tests retrieving doubles on land and water, off leash, with an honor, and delivery to hand.

Then along came a JIB grandpuppy named ROXIE.  Owner Carol Stone is managing the PCA medallion records, and is such a fan O JIB, that I was talked into the two day PCA approved test in NC.
Central Carolina Poodle Club put on two wonderful trial days with terrific judges and the biggest poodle only fields I have seen.  We even had another silver mini pass her WC.

Michael took video of us, and he worked one of the blinds for the water portion of WCX both days.  Wonderful people, weather, dogs, judges, food, fun and PASSES WC & WCX both days!

It was clear to me that at 13 years old JIB is hearing and seeing less than he did in his youth.  At 66, I can relate to that.  Will he do another test next year....  never count him out.
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of a land double
in North Carolina