Litter born August 28, 2010
PRINCESS IRENA is an AKC registered mini with her Excellent
agility titles running at 12".  She was born in the Netherlands
from a European line of champions, and retains her natural tail
and dewclaws.  I purchased her while in Belgium for IFCS world
agility trial, and she is co owned with Suzanne Wesley, who trained her and nicknamed her "Raya" or even "Ray".

Bred to Suzanne's JIB brother SONIC in 2009 IRENA  produced three  puppies.  Two have ATCH agility titles.  IRENA finished 5th
in the world as an individual in IFCS competition with an Australian handler and won the National title in UKI with Suzi, 2012.  She is a fabulous Mommy dog and a sweetheart.  Her drive, soundness  and sense of humor are passed to her babies.
The big boy was first born and
will be silver like his parents. 
The girls will be silver beige when they are mature.  These puppies will keep their tails and dewclaws for international competition qualification, and better balance.
These lovely pictures of IRENA and JIB
are by  photographer Teresa Berg.
  Please click on the photo to see her
marvelous full resolution version.
Puppies at 2 Weeks VIDEO
Out-Takes  VIDEO
Two weeks old!  Eyes and ears are beginning to open. 
Puppies at 3 weeks & First Agility Trial VIDEO
3 weeks old
Home Alone VIDEO
4 weeks of age
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Before and After their first haircuts
Home Movies at 5 Weeks VIDEO
A Day in the Life at 6 weeks VIDEO
6 1/2 Weeks VIDEO
Congratulations to puppy owners
Geri Hernandez & SWITCH
Cassie Schmidt & BLISS aka Brownie
Carol Pena & STAR aka Pinkie
Click here for pictures at 1- 3 yrs old with agility titles and video!