USDAA Nationals
November 2007
Scottsdale, Arizona
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Team Relay Video

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Steeplechase Classic Video
Team Pyrenean Poodle Herder was the second fastest "small" dog team at the USDAA Nationals 11/07!  Of 202 three dog teams, only the top 30 make the finals team relay competition in the Big Ring on Sunday.  We had a very fast run, with only two faults, costing us an additional seven seconds added to the time.  Still, we finished in 14th place overall!

JIB was the first dog to run.  When you watch the video, note that he cannot see the weave entry, until he is flying over that second jump, which is a triple!  The tunnel following the weaves was the hardest for me to signal, as the tire AND the other end of the tunnel were options.  I am very proud of the handling move on that section.  Also note the jump after the tire and before the Aframe, where JIB "sliced" the jump at a terrific angle to make it efficiently FAST.

Our team managed the baton hand off extremely well.  SONIC missed his Dog Walk contact, but it was something we had each struggled with during the trial, and voted SONIC for that leg, as he has the fastest contact.  HEMI got a fault for pulling off the tire, but Elizabeth got her right back on track.
Suzanne Wesley & SONIC
Elizabeth Evans & HEMI
Suzi Cope & JIB
Videographer Mike was caught in action by Tian for this shot
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