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European Open 2007
USDAA Nationals 2007
in Scottsdale. 
Jib's Agility Videos:

2010 European Open -- Czech Republic

2010 AKC Agility Nationals

USDAA SouthWest Regionals 2009

AKC Ft. Worth Aug 21,22,23 2009

2009 European Open -- Holland

Atlanta AKC Nov 2, 2008

Jumpers with Weaves

2008 European Open -- Germany

IFCS World Agility Championships Belgium 2008

2008 AKC Nationals -- Tulsa

Watch Hobie, Jib's Son, Run

USDAA Nationals Nov. 2007

Steeplechase Classic
Team Relay Finals

Jib Earns His MACH Oct 13, 2007

USDAA Regionals Sunnyvale Sept 2007

Master Snooker in Slow Motion
Steeplechase Finals

Ft. Worth AKC Trials Aug 24/26, 2
3 Days - 3 Double Qs - 3 Ribbons

AKC Nationals Columbus, Ohio 2007

USDAA Henderson TX Feb 24/25, 2
Gran Prix Win
Steeplechase Winning Run

AKC Odessa April 22/23, 20
4/22 Standard
4/22 JWW Q
4/23 Standard Q
4/23 JWW Q

AKC Dixon CA May24/28, 2
05/26 Jib Wins ISC Midi Standard
(Qualifying for World Team Tryout)

Poodle Nationals June 2006

Standard Q
Jumpers Q

AKC Hollywood CA Sept 2
Standard Q with Great Dog Walk

USDAA Nationals Nov 2
Gran Prix Quarter Finals
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IFCS World Championships
2008 in Belgium
European Open 2008 Germany
European Open 2009
JIB's Agility Titles

American Kennel Club:
  MACH 3 = Master Agility Champion
  MXG = Master Agility Gold
  MJC = Master Jumpers Century
  XF = Excellent Fast
  T2B = Time 2 Beat

  ADCH = Agility Dog Champion
  JCH-B = Jumpers Champion Bronze
  SCH-B = Snooker Champion Bronze
  TM-S = Tournament Master Silver
  SACH-B = Standard Agility
                        Champion Bronze
  GMCH = Gambler Champion Bronze
  RCH-B = Relay Champion Bronze
European Open 2010
Czech Republic
Dog Agility
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Grand Prix finals USDAA 2009
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